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  1. My wife said she thought it wasn't as cold, but nothing definitive. When I jump it do this test today, I'll toggle A/C to see if its squeeking running, engaged. Thanks for that. What a pain!
  2. Just put the belts back on and tried to fire it up again. Battery is dying. it turns over, but it has no cranking power and slowed down to almost nothing during the start cycle. Without doing "swaptronics" I'm forced to believe that its the alternator first, and A/C second. On a neighbors suggestion, I'm going to jump it off and start one last time. I'm going to take a spray bottle and spray just a bit on the bare pulley and see if the squeaking stops. Theory is that if the belt is bad too, then the squeaking subsides. It may make it easier to hear and confirm which component is causing the problem. But the car does have 110K miles without a new alternator or belts, so I'd garner it wouldn't hurt anything to do replace, other than as you suggested if another component is bad, don't waste time replacing belts yet.
  3. IT spins real easy. both do. No lateral movement, side to side, or in and out. Tensioners spin easy too. I'm at a loss.
  4. Ok, went out and was able to get off the belts with little drama. I pushed pulled, wiggled, etc, and everything checks out ok in that regard. I didn't check the tensioner itself. I will do that after I drop my kid off to school this morning. Belts still off, no biggee.
  5. Were in the middle of a lightning storm so I will go at it in the morning. Yes, I have already taken off my ring, put on a t-shirt, and going slow and methodical like. Now, its more like a puzzle, trying to figure out whats wrong. Kinda fun.
  6. Got the 1/2" socket and and loosened the belt tensioners enough to check all pulleys. On the left side, everything rotated. Center pulleys, no problem. On the right side, neither of the pulleys wanted to budge. I pushed harder on the belt tensioner and the bottom one freely spun. Top one no problem either. Perhaps just a coincidence that I wasn't pushing hard enough on the tensioner, though I could see slack. Followed up with a quick start of the engine again. This time the bottom right accessory/pulley/AC? was spinning along with the belt. Looked over everything this time and all were spinning. definitely making a sound of rubbing. Can't nail down which side it is. Hmmmm.
  7. I'll do as you suggested in about an hour when I have to pick my kiddo up. Need a 1/2" socket/breaker bar, and I don't have one. Wont hurt me none to have one, so I'll get and confirm whats spinning, or is lose, or not right.
  8. Just started it for a few more seconds. Sounds like a belt is rubbing. I also looked up how to do a quick alternator check. Turned off it shows 12.6V, turned on it drops to 11.8 Volts. Rubbing sound got much louder this time, although it was just for a few moments to jump out and get the voltmeter on the battery.
  9. Ok, Got the battery back 20 minutes ago. Oreillies load tested it and recharged. Had a nice note on it to look at the iginition system, alternator, and cabling. Looked everything over, and reinstalled battery. Fired it up for just a few seconds. Everything turning over but for one engine accessory pulley. If your standing in the front, lower most accessory on the right drivers side. Looks different than the others, kinda like it has a clutch type assembly on it. Looks like A/C compressor? dunno, but everything but that is spinning. I did notice a slight squeal during the few seconds it was running, not sure where it was coming from, didn't leave engine on long enough.
  10. OK. Had to get a new multimeter. Making 9.9 volts. That's not going to cut it obviously. Going to take it out and bring it back to oreillies since its only been 3 months since new. Will report back once I install, and do what you asked me to do carefully. Hoping that its a seized component, and will be obvious once we attempt to turn it over a few times.
  11. Thanks, will do that here in a bit and report findings. Very sage advice. Thank you.
  12. Oh, and thank you VERY much for your response. I'm hoping this is something relatively easy, but you never know until you start with the obvious things first.
  13. Ok, just checked the belt. Yes, its intact, looks shiney, and is tight on the pullys without slop. Looking for my multimeter now. I assume you want me to check the voltage on the battery?
  14. No havnt thought to look there. I'll do that when I get home. Yes, I have a voltmeter somewhere, or I can borrow a neighbor's.