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  1. well the benefit on this one If I have it right is only one of those 2 codes would throw the service emissions system warning, Am I right on this? Its a pcm code that I am getting
  2. Well this problem started happening after the front passenger-door lock actuator was changed. I dnt know what else might of caused this.
  3. The dome light turns off when all the door are closed
  4. I have a problem. the dash always says that the door is open. But all of them are closed. Is there a door switch or sensor?? Where is it located at? And where could i buy it
  5. I am getting the code pc0141 on my 1996 deville. I wanted to know what o2 sensor I will need?
  6. A little over a year ago I went to the dealer and they told me that my ignition switch was bad. they installed a new one and gave me two new keys. The pother day i was driving and the anti theft system problem message came on my dash. It says that the car might not restart. I wait the three minutes and then the car always turns on. This happen once very month. What could be the problem??
  7. My white walls are kind of yellow and wanted to know What is a good cleaner for white walls, that is not expensive?
  8. the problem. what should i do?? just take a look at it and see if the connections are loose.
  9. It was the front passenger door.
  10. I changed the Door Lock Actuator. and after i changed it i always get the door open message on my dash. does anyone know if i should change the sensor. and where is it??
  11. Thats odd. i just paid $700 for 2 new keys and an ignition switch at the cadillac dealer. about a year ago.
  12. I get the codes ip1552 and ip2781 on my dash. and it says that it has a theft system problem and car may not restart.??
  13. yea. i did
  14. yea, i do. i have the whole car. its a 1998 deville. it just doesnt have the engine or tranny in it. i havent had time to compare.
  15. O.. thats kool. im tryin to change my 1996 devilles door panels and seats to a 1998 seats and panels. Do u think that theyll fit??