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I was stranded 2 nights ago in the 95 STS. No previous warning. I just came out and wouldn't start up. Battery was changed in Sept 04. Took it back and got a replacement free. Back in Septmeber of 04, it would start if you wiggled the connections to the battery. I haven't had the problem since the battery was changed until now. The Service ride control came on yesterday morning and then went off too. I haven't seen that one in a long time.

I noticed last night that the shift lights didn't come on or the dash light for the speedometer.

So I turned off the air and the lights came on. What is going on?

I tried to get codes off of it this morning and I think I only got part of them. the

PCM? came up and I didn't know what to do so I turned it off.

The codes I did get are:

P052? I didn't write down if it was a H or C


I052 Didn't get the last digit

No ACP codes

No SIR codes





This is the same car that has the switch problem, brake fluid, traction disabled stuff on it.

I am thinking of trading this thing off before I get stranded again.

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PCM? is asking if you want to enter the PCM mode after all the codes have been displayed. Answering yes with the HIGH FAN button will enter the PCM mode. THen use the LOW FAN button to answer no to the next prompts til you see CLEAR PCM CODES? All those codes are history. Possibly from a weak battery, which can wreak havoc with the electrical system. I'd clear the codes and see if they return. Make sure the battery cable is tight. I recall certain year cars had a problem with the wrong size spacer on the cable so it could not be tightened properly.

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