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Got to love life's surprises

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So I am vacuuming out the trunk of my recently purchased 92 Sedan DeVille yesterday, (a little background, the previous owner's used the trunk as storage space so it has been a long time since the spare tire has seen the light of day) and it had obviously been damp for a while as everything was sticky and had a musty smell. I am vacuuming along and a little baggie gets stuck in the end of the hose, I pull it out and to my surprise, it is the original keys for the car- never been used. I thought it was odd when I bought the car the owner only had locksmith cut keys (car only has 90K miles and he got the car from his mother who bought new)..so with a little cleaning with a toothbrush this morning I have 2 beautiful un-used gold keys, and a black ignition key with the wreath and creast and a silver door key..all look like new money.

Don't you love life's little surprises?


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Cool! Those can be spendy these days to try and replace.(and they still wouldn’t be original..) I had a similar(to me) experience a few years back now. Different car, same feelings of delight. I’m the second owner of a 1969 elCamino SS, and after owning the car for a good ten years I got around to pulling the compartment out that’s in a ‘cubby’ behind the drivers seat. As the tub came out, I saw what looked like a sheet of paper back in that little cave. I reached in, pulled it out and waddya know! The original build sheet for this car from the factory in 1969! May not mean much to some, but to a Chevy collector, it’s valuable. I t really made my day to have that, along with the original Calif. Plates. Still have the Elc after 20+ years.

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

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Nice find on the keys. You frequently find / find out things you need to know if you do your own cleaning on the car, inside and out.


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Yes, finding strange things can be interesting.

In a previous incarnation I was in the consumer electronics service industry.

One day a VCR was dropped off at our place; the mechanism was jammed. It was jammed with 2" long straws coated with a peculiar white substance. My guess is dad didn't know what junior was up to.

Removing the "debris" cleared all the problems.

Strangely, the deck was never picked up.



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