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GM FastLane:The Times &#151 Again

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By Steven J. Harris

Vice President, Global Communications

Editor’s note: Yesterday, Thomas Friedman of The New York Times devoted 1,279 words (subscription required), a full quarter of the Times’ Op-Ed page, to respond directly to this blog’s June 1 post by Steve Harris, which addressed Friedman’s earlier criticism of GM. That the Times would respond in that way to any blog posting is significant. Here’s Steve’s response to Mr. Friedman’s defense.

Although we have disputed the factual accuracy and reasoning of Thomas Friedman's recent columns on GM, this debate has given us the opportunity to better inform the world of what GM is all about.

First, it’s worth noting that we, and Mr. Friedman, are really not in disagreement on the fundamental issue here: That the United States needs to reduce its fuel consumption and dependence on oil. Enhancing energy security is an appropriate national goal.



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