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Will the DTS move to Oshawa?

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An interesting article here:


Suggests that the new Zeta platform rear-wheel drive cars may be made (among other places?) in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

One set of cars they mention as potential gains for the factory there are the Buick Lucene / Cadillac DTS in 2010. Since these two cars share the same platform now, it makes sense that they move to the same platform next.

I think the plan then is to continue the DTS on to a rear wheel drive zeta platform when it gets redesigned in 2010. We originally had heard the DTS was going rear wheel drive in 08, then it seemed on hold or in question, so now it appears back on. I guess I had assumed it would go to Lansing Grand River like the rest of the line, but there are probably capacity issues (?).

The current Zeta platform apparently was originally called the "Sigma Light" platform, a modification of the Sigma platform used by the CTS/STS/SRX. Now Zeta is usually called "Global Volume RWD". The 2008 CTS will be on the Sigma II platform, and will be larger than the current CTS.

Big picture? The platforms sound similar, but the Zeta platform is less expensive, and will be the basis for the new Camaro, Impala, DTS, and Lucerne.

Odd in a way that the CTS would go to the latest platform available, but the DTS, which is more expensive, would go to the Global Volume RWD platform. I think this is perhaps a reflection of their relative markets. The CTS is judged principally by handling and performance with luxury features. The DTS is aimed at luxury / comfort with performance. So it makes sense to spend money in the DTS on interior materials and standard features, and on the CTS on the base platform, then offer lux options.


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