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Coolant Tabs


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The link Bruce provided in another post:


provided for some very interesting reading for me. I found an answer to my AM radio reception problem, and a GM bulletin stating that the coolant supplement tabs should NOT be used during normal cooling system service. It is in bulletin number 00-06-02-006A titled "DEX-COOL Engine Coolant Information". Take a look.



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Well, you have to consider what the bulletin is saying closely, and what their concern is.

It says don't add tabs as a regular maintenance item, but it then says do add tabs if you drain and refill the coolant.

So that makes it sound like some techs thought you should just throw a couple tabs in there everytime the car came in, not just when you changed the coolant

They are worried about customers who see some discoloration in the coolant caused by the sealant tabs, and complain.


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