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p1586, p1591 and p0410

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P0410 - Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System

P1586 - Cruise Control Brake Switch 2 Circuit

Ain't no "P"1591

B1591 - Mirror Vert. Pos Sensor-Out of Range/Open

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From another post..........

"Ok...PO410. There is a TSB #02-06-04-024F for a newer style pump. Water intrusion destroys the pump.

Had this happen on the 2001. About $100 from RockAuto.

That being said, the 2001 has a single air pump. The 2000 shows 2 different ones. Cali emissions.

Try checking the underhood fuse block. On the 2000 it shows a 'AIR PUMP A' and a 'AIR PUMP B' fuse. I bet you will find one of those to be blown. If a new fuse also blows, it has water...

As for BO429, 'temp control #3 rear circuit range.' Not related to the stall.."

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