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Stuck Trunk Release


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The trunk on my 1999 STS will not open. I have tried the key, the remote, and the release button in the car. I also checked the valet lock to make sure the it wasn't on. I am trying to figure out if there is an "easy" way to get the trunk open. Thanks for any help.


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Strange that it does not work by the key. Its one thing that the trunk release doesn't work, its quite another if it does not open by the key. Its sounding like the mechanism is damaged somehow causing a problem for both the auto release and a manual opening. Odd..

Do you hear any noise when you try to pop it via the remote or dash button? What does the key feel like when you turn it in the lock?

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I took the rear seat out, and opened the fuse relay box. When I pressed the dash button, I can hear a clicking noise coming from the fuse box.

Did you check out the links Bruce provided?

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I did, but none fit my probelm.

In the first link the guy activated his alarm, and that rest his system. This did not work.

The second person had an automated Deck lid that wasn't working, which I don't have.

In the third link the trunk opend with the key. Mine does not.

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