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Cars that limit their own speed per the road


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The following link details plans to test speed limiting vehicles in London.


Don't say I didn't tell you so! :unsure:

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I don't at all have a problem with the "big brother" phenomenon here, but DO have a problem with remotely limiting speeds. That could lead to a very dangerous situation.

To address the problem of not knowing the speed limit, I think it'd be a great idea for a vehicle to have a system that would light up or otherwise indicate on the speedometer what the speed limit on that road is. It would use the same technology, with GPS in the car and a network of roads/speed limits in a GIS database, but would still allow the driver to make the ultimate decision on speed based on factors the satellite cannot know (like speeding up to avoid an accident or an emergency vehicle or to merge with traffic, etc).

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I have been in places where I wondered what the speed limit was, and could not tell. I think a system that would communicate to the car what the local speed limit was, and thus to me would be handy.

An overall traffic management system could be great for avoiding gridlock.


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If there were no more speeding tickets, there would be a huge loss of revenue at the state level...

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I sure do not want any part of my vehicle turned into a Radio Controlled robot.

However, one way information communication would be useful and the planning and testing is under way on this side of the pond.


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Ahhhh... them Brits are all about talk anyways.

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It's amazing over there. The Brits have 6,000+ cameras monitoring your every move. Talking about Big Brother!

I read recently that a Brit driver got a ticket for driving with his fog lights on when there was no fog. Sheesh. They're real anal, too.

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