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AC Blower 99 Deville

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The HVAC Blower will not come on in my 99 Deville. One dealer says needs Programmer another says needs blower. Both are high ticket items. Is there any way to diagnose these symptoms to be pretty sure what the problem really is? Could it be a simple relay or resistor? Need help- Thanks Dennisg

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I think the dealer can determine this using the GM Tech II to command the blower on, and checking to see if the blower comes on.

I guess you would check it a similar way, set the climate control so that it shows that the fan should be on, then trace the circuits with a voltmeter so see if the appropriate command is getting to the blower.

I clicked on Search to the upper right on the screen, then put in blower, and made sure it was set to search posts for all time, and found several about blowers.

Kevin's advice here: http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=8249 includes what the various wires to the blower do.


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Blower motors are very common (been there, done that). Programmers are very relaible. I'd pass on the programmer for now. Are you going to R & R it yourself?

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