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Is an interesting news/infomercial piece on how strong SUV sales are one part of GM's recent stock price strength, and capturing a larger part of the fullsize SUV market.

The article suggests that for people pulling boats or other heavy loads, mpg is not a chief factor; that seems reasonable. The article also suggests that the availability of 18 or 20 wheels for example makes the new trucks unique. Finally, the article quotes a dealer claim that some owners report getting 20+ mpg in their new trucks, which the owners see as a nice improvement over their old truck.

That last info may be most telling I suppose; the Tahoe / Escalade models do not have to get great mileage so long as they get better mileage than the previous models.


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I just wonder where Gm will be in another 10 years and whom might be making Cadillac if anyone :( It troubles me these are rough times we live in....

Michael -

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I swear - the older I get, the dumber I think I become. So many things I think that I can read/see - I'm wrong. When gas prices started ramping up hard 2 years ago (actually over 3 years ago) I thought for sure that would bring the demise of the large SUV. And when word came out about the full-size SUV's coming for 2007 nearly a year ago - I thought that would be the worst-timed new release since the 'new' S-Class M-B in early 1990's. Shows what I know. Gas prices hover at/over $3.00/gallon with occasional regional spikes to $3.50 - and they still sell the large SUV's. I 'need' a truck for all the stuff I haul around daily, but the mileage is lousy. And I drive like there's an egg under the gas pedal. I'd gladly trade power (alot of power) for mileage - would be delighted to have combined mileage over 20mpg. Perhaps there are others in my position, and GM is listening.


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There's something to be said for owning old cars/trucks.

My "fleet" consists of a 1993 Chevy P/U (18MPG) which serves as my Utility Vehicle when I need to haul or pull stuff. My Sport Vehicle is a 2000 Corvette (25MPG) and my Practical car is a 1993 El Dorado (23MPG) Between them all my personal CAFE for a cobbled together "SUV" is probably about 23MPG.

It takes some wrenching to keep them all alive - more than the average person would undertake I guess. And, they're not new cars.

On the other hand each one is 100% of what it is - no compromises.

I've thought about one do-it-all vehicle but can't quite pull the trigger.


1996 El Dorado

2006 STS

2000 Corvette

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