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Is your Cadillac a fashion choice?

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Are our cars an extension of our personality? How important is color when choosing a product? Get the answers while we visit a unique fashion show in Chicago.


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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Good one, Bruce. I watched about 45 minutes of that and enjoyed it.

Left me wondering - with all the technology being applied to modern vehicles, why oh why is GM not making more noise about their OLM? I have had conversations with GM owners who 1) were not aware of it, or 2) were not comfortable trusting it. After relating the oil change history of my '98, I think I have converted a few of them.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Well folks,

I have always believed that for most Americans, new cars are "wanted" not "needed".

They are very similar to clothes or furniture. Few of these things wear out, they simply go out of fashion first.

I am convinced that virtually every automobile can be kept running (unless truly totaled in an accident) cheaper than buying a new replacement. That observation includes having the work done by others.

The argument for many is "I needed a more reliable car" after they have been inconvenienced by a single repair session. The truth is we all have many less expensive choices including renting, or God-forbid - borrow our children's cars (which no doubt would result in a parental-abuse lawsuit from the kids attorney) :blink: .

All IMHO and I apologize for all the above blasphemy against "The American Way".

I also freely admit that I've sinned as much or more than any in the "Pleasures of the Flash"... :rolleyes:

... and plan to continue without any semblance of contrition. B)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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No doubt. Most all new car purchases are emotional decisions (not economic), especially when they are replacement. Just the other day, I saw my fiance's Black/Black 1994 Seville (now on it's second owner since she had it) and was speaking with him about it. Usually a car gets sold and just 'goes away'. I knew this car before she had it - paid for a ton of repairs while she had it, and knew its subsequent and now second subsequent owner. He said he was thinking of selling it before it became a money-pit. I told him 1) It had already been a money-pit - I'd replaced alot of stuff on it 2) It is always cheaper to repair then replace.


I have always believed that for most Americans, new cars are "wanted" not "needed".


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