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Stahling... PCM 0410, B0429

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There is one possible connection to stalling; a highly restricted exhaust system.

If your exhaust system is not damaged or plugged up, I doubt if your cold stall and the P0410 are related.

Any other P codes set??


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This what GM says about AIR on your car...

The PCM uses the AIR relays to control the AIR pumps. The PCM also controls the AIR vacuum solenoid that supplies vacuum to the AIR check valves. With the AIR system inactive, the AIR check valves prevent air flow in either direction. With the AIR system active, the PCM applies ground to one of the AIR relays and the vacuum solenoid. After a few seconds, the PCM applies ground to the other AIR relay. Fresh air flows from the pumps, through the system hoses, past the check valves, and into the exhaust stream. The air helps the catalyst to reach a working temperature quickly, thus lowering the tail pipe emissions on start-up. The PCM tests the following AIR system components:

The overall AIR system including both banks (DTC P0410).

AIR system bank 1 (DTC P1415)

AIR system bank 2 (DTC P1416)

AIR relays (DTC P0418, and DTC P0419)

AIR vacuum control solenoid (DTC P0412)

The PCM runs two tests to diagnose the AIR system: Passive, and Active. Both tests contain two parts, and involve a response from the fuel control HO2 sensors (HO2S bank 1 sensor 1 and HO2S bank 2 sensor 2). If both passive tests pass, the PCM takes no further action. If either part of the passive test fails, or is inconclusive, the PCM initiates the Active tests. If the PCM determines that the HO2S voltages did not respond as expected during the tests, DTC P0410 is set.

I highlighted the part that I think is of interest to you... Check the vacuum lines that go to each check valve and look for breaks or missing lines... Sounds to me like you have a vacuum leak...

Just a guess.


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Ok...PO410. There is a TSB #02-06-04-024F for a newer style pump. Water intrusion destroys the pump.

Had this happen on the 2001. About $100 from RockAuto.

That being said, the 2001 has a single air pump. The 2000 shows 2 different ones. Cali emissions.

Try checking the underhood fuse block. On the 2000 it shows a 'AIR PUMP A' and a 'AIR PUMP B' fuse. I bet you will find one of those to be blown. If a new fuse also blows, it has water...

As for BO429, 'temp control #3 rear circuit range.' Not related to the stall..

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