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GM FastLane:Travelogue April 3-8, 2006

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By Bob Lutz

GM Vice Chairman

Many of you have wondered why I have been posting so infrequently lately. Well, I have to tell you, we are moving full speed ahead with our global product plans and it has been keeping me pretty busy. I spent last week in Europe visiting with dealers, opening plants and conducting some other business. While I was on the plane back, I wrote the following trip recap on my trusted Blackberry. It’s a little less polished (and longer) than my usual blog material, but I thought you might find it informative nonetheless. I think it highlights, once again, that we have good things happening all over the world.

-- Bob

April 4 - First brief stop was in Munich to preside over the opening of a new, large Cadillac-Hummer facility. It coincided with the German press launch of BLS. Well attended, car well received. Spoke with sales people: they are very optimistic, but need more Corvettes, Z06s. Had a chance to "de-bunk the imminent collapse of GM" myth, believe it was well received. On to Vienna, for another opening. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the principal and his lovely wife, who runs the whole operation. It was a fabulous evening, with everybody who is anybody in Viennese show-business attending. "De-bunked the myth" again. This dealership, its owners and sales staff, radiated energy and optimism. These people will sell vehicles!



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