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CTS-V 6-speed updates

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Things like this nice summary of changes in 2006 from GM Powertrain don't make it into the fancy ads, but remind one that the Engineers at Powertrain are working hard on improving the cars:

DEXRON® VI compatible

Until the mid-2006 model year, all six-speeds will be produced filled with DEXRON III fluid, although the transmission has been validated for used with new DEXRON® VI. In mid-2006, the six-speeds will come filled with DEXRON® VI, which was developed to behave more consistently during temperature and other environmental variations, as well as to provide even lubrication of the moving surfaces of the transmission.

Stepped clutch teeth on synchronizer sleeves (M12)

Stepped clutch teeth on the synchronizer sleeves are now added to the LS2-powered CTS-V application. These staggered teeth sequentially engage the gears, which makes engagement feel lighter and more positive to the driver. This modification originally appeared on the 2005 Corvette.

High-density carbon blocker rings (M12)

More durable carbon friction material is used on the synchronizers.

Stronger snap rings on synchronizer hubs (M12)

For the first-second gear hub, a stronger snap-ring is used to increase durability.

Carbon fiber reverse synchronizer (M12)

To reduce efforts to engage reverse, the synchronizer friction surface is changed to a carbon fiber material. Reverse-inhibit mechanism to block the shifter from going into reverse when the driver is aiming toward fifth or sixth gear gate with the shifter is also modified to make it easier to engage reverse.

Revised shift precision (M12)

Tolerances for the shifter mechanism for the Cadillac CTS-V application have been tightened to make the shifter feel more precise.

Low maintenance

The six-speed uses DEXRON III fluid and is certified "fill-for-life," requiring no fluid changes. The clutch is activated hydraulically, which automatically compensates for clutch disc wear, eliminating manual adjustments. The six-speed was originally designed to require virtually no maintenance. The M10 for the SSR is validated at a higher gross vehicle weight for greater durability.


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It's amazing to see these improvements on almost a daily basis.

A generation ago things didn't move nearly as fast. Back then an improvement was when something you liked got itself chrome plated! :D

I just gotta move up a few years in vehicle ownership.



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