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outside mirrors falling off

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'99 STS.

Both outside mirrors have loosened and are in fact just resting in place now. All the nuts have loosened and fallen off. I think I have to remove the door trim to get to the back of the mirror and locktite the nuts on. Usually a few of the clips break when the trim is removed - anyone know the GM part number? Tried to find the part in the gmpartsdirect search engine but came up empty. Also, will the nuts be inside the door somewhere and easy to fish out? I don't hear any rattles. I heard this mirror problem is not unusual so I'm hoping some here will have experience with fixing it.

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Good luck ... mine worked loose recently as well, driver's side.

I initially thought vandalism, but no scratches on the mirror casing.

Rather than take apart the door and break clips, I had a friend

use automotive windshield caulking.

Messy, but cleans up well and is inexpensive.

Keep in mind, my mirror was only loose on one bolt, so I could

pry up the leading edge of the mirror and get the nozzle in behind.

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The door trim comes off real easy. Using a flat blade screw driver and go in at a 45% angle on the arm rest where the power window control is located (both short ends). This will allow the window control box to be lifted up and out. Below the removed box is a phillips screw that needs to be removed. The panel will then lift straight up and out. Some panels mays have an additional screw or two. Don't force anything, you will break the clips.

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Except that the advice you got is not correct for a 98 and newer car... On these cars you do not need to remove the window switch to remove the trim...

Remove the little plastic cover behind the chrome door latch handle... there is a hidden screw behind that .. Then lift the leather flap that is behind the door armrest/pull it is held down with Velcro... there are two hidden screws there... there is one or two screws (depending on the year) on the bottom edge of the door trim and after that it "Snaps" off...

One the trim is "loose" you need to disconnect the linkage to the door latch and unplug the electrical connector...

Unplugging the connector is the hardest part...(IMO)

This door comes apart just about the easiest I have ever seen on any car... and it amazes me that all of that functionality and power goes through a single (8 way from memory) connector.

Very nice design... B) I wish the door guy had talked to the cabin air filter guy! :lol::lol:


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The door panels are very easy to remove once the one or two phillips screws are taken out. The panel hangs on several plastic hook/clips. Just slide the panel straight up and it will pop off.

To get to the screws you have to remove the control panel. My manual said to insert a flat blade and push to release the clip. The clip turned out to be on the other end of the panel so I broke some plastic. However, it was easily glued and all went back together well.

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