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92 eldorado, emergency break sticking


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I have a 92 eldorado, and had to change the rear breaks. The passenger side pads were almost gone. The guy at the parts store said the emergency break was not releasing all the way and burning up the pads. I greased the cable and spring, does anyone know anything else that can or should be done to fix the problem?

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Is it that its not releasing or that its adjusted too tightly? There is an adjustment that backs off the tightness, that adjuster is typically is rusted to hell and unable to be turned to adjust it.

If it is not that its adjusted too tightly and its that the cables are binding, you must find the faulty cable and replace it. Sometimes rust binds them or they are kinked.'

By the way, how did the guy at the parts store determine your cables were not releasing?

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You might have rusted caliper pins and bad bushings. You can check the operation of the emergency brake by jacking the rear of the car.

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