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a/c performance question


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after a recent recharge of my a/c system I got code ac1347 and the low refrigerant message

two times during system operation.

After clearing the code the system worked again. Since three weeks the code did not reappear.

I've got no idea what caused the code, maybe a restriction somewhere?

Anyway, I have checked the temperatures at the center outlet during operation, and would like to know

whether these measurements point towards a low-charge situation.

Outside temp: 15° (59°)

Interior temp at start: 20° (68°)

Center outlet temp: 7° (45°) to 12° (54°)

Outside temp: 26° (79°)

Interior temp at start: 45° (113°)

Center outlet temp: 10° (50°) to 14° (57°)

Figures without brackets: Celsius, in brackets: Fahrenheit

There are two values for the center outlet temp because the compressor is cycling on and off.

Center outlet temp measurements taken after 10 minutes operation time.

What do you think, is this an adequate system performance?

Thanks for your opinions,


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My manual states: "The sole function of the refrigeration system is to maintain an evaporator core ambient temperature between approximately -1C and +9C (+30.5F and +49F) when refrigeration is required."

For outside temperatures above 65F or so, I'm accustomed to seeing outlet temperatures at about 30F below cabin temperature.



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Ranger, Warren,

thanks for your replies. I think I'll leave the system alone for now, hopefully it will work during summer.



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Hi everyone I am always checking the AC output on my 99 Deville after 10 minutes or so the air at the center vents is usally at 46F with outside temps around 90. The temp of course will go higher once the cabin stabilizes to the climate control setting. After referencing the shop manual, my readings are right where they should be. I generally always keep the recirculation button on when the outside temp is above 80 or so, it's easier for the system to cool 70-80F cabin air than 100F + air from the outside. Craig

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