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Hail damage update


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Stopped by the Cadillac dealer today. Car is 'close' to being done.......maybe Thursday or Friday.

Dealer mentioned they will 'have to clean it up.....'

One picture shows it all.


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Another picture....note no glass...no window trim....no door panels...

New hood, fender, decklid.

PDR on roof.....came out perfect. I was shocked.

'Traditional' repairs on both rear quarters and passenger doors.

Here is a pic of the roof. This was done using paintless dent removal aka PDR.

It looked perfect. Dealer called in a pro to do it. Dealer tech mention it took him a solid 4 hours to fix the roof.



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Omg , Thats seriously involved ! The insides all apart :o oh my ! What is the cost of all this Logan ?

About $8500+. Also insurance is paying for the rental car @ $30/day. Over 3 weeks now...

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