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Cleaning Your Windshield


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Sometime back there was a discussion here about wiper blades that also included tips on windshield cleaning aimed at prolonging blade life. Searched, but couldn't find it.

As I recall, BodybyFisher mentioned a Bon Ami product he hasn't had much luck in locating recently.

As it happens, there is a rather lengthy discussion in progress at the other site involving the use of the clay bay in detailing your car's finish. Many claims about its effectiveness. Me too.

See: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadil...0-clay-bar.html .

At least two folk mentioned it is superb for windshield cleaning. Makes sense to me as it left my car's finish feeling like glass. If there's a pun there it was intended.

Just thought I'd pass it along . . . . .



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