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Now Two Losses and Car is Falling Apart


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Hi every body. I'm struggling from loosing my dog Zac this past March and the 5 month old female mix lab puppy I adopted April 3rd. She got sick 7 days after I had her home as well as 4 other dogs from the same shelter. It started as kennel cough and for the young dogs it turned into a secondary bacterial infection then pneumonia. She never had a chance, she became so ill there was no hope and I had to put her down just like Zac. I lost her the 20th. I lost Zac the 23rd of last month. She was golden yellow and so so beautiful. I took tons of pictures the first week I had her, but not going to show any now. I can not handle it yet. I have made many changes at that shelter with the health dept that over sees its opperation. I am very proud of my research and what I have had them do. It is being called Samantha's Legacy. It should help many other animals and hopefuly keep other people like me from suffering. I could not just sit back and suffer this time. I researched hard and worked hard to have changes made wile suffering so terribly. MY CAR is falling apart now, I found what I think are the correct part numbers but can some one please check my work. First I think my CV shafts or one is wareing out. When I take my foot off the gas and coast I can feel and hear sort of a rap rap rap rap from under the front, very slight, but when on the gas it stops. I noticed it two weeks ago and this week more noticeable. I got a price from my local P&A auto store,79.00 each, I should do both sides. Did not need part #s for that. It looks like it's simple? Take two bolts out from the strut to spindle and drop the spindle and I think slide the shaft out?? Next someone stuck a screw driver in my driver side door lock and something else to because there is something broken off in the lock cylinder. It's all shot to heck. What a dope, they never got it open. I ordered the cylinder from gmparts direct (P/N-12457615) still waiting for it. Now this is hard to describe and I need to check these part #s. Next Problem- The driver side door would not unlock and lock with the remote nor with the button on the door. You can hear the solenoid attempting to move but it will not. The solenoid was getting slow for a long time now also so that was near its end I guess to. I took the door apart and un hooked all the rods to the latch system (4) and found the latch itself is jammed up. I was able to open and close the door but can not lock it with the latch jammed up, not even manually could I lock it because it is jammed. The outside and inside levers still opened it thank goodness. The latch and solenoid seem to be one part, a combined unit. I had it almost removed out of the door but noticed two plastic things that the rod had to push through to take off the rods from the latch and realized if they broke to take it out i would not be able to put it back in and still work the latch to open and close the door. I called my GM dealer for part numbers but he is not sure and says it might be two seperate parts, the actuator and the latch. But to me it looks like one unit. He gave me part #-25664288 for the actuator and part #- 12537471 for the latch. At gmparts direct those part #s match the description but again when it was in my hand it looked like one unit. To do the repair after I get what I need I will cut the rivits and take out the center of the door for easy access then just rivit it all back together. I know this is a lot of info but my mind is a mess from everything that has gone on. Please bare with me. I'm trying to deal with everything with out bothering others this time. Thanks.

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