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Strut Question??


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I took my car into a local shop to diagnose a popping noise in the left front suspension. It occurs when hitting the brake or turning at slow speeds. It pops and cracks. My wife and I went out to eat while the car was at the shop and when we got back they said it was the strut mount. I don't even think they did anything but drive it around the block. I then took the car home and took of the driver's side wheel and looked around. I noticed that a couple of bushings were cracked open and worn out. I think its called a stabilizer link. It goes from the strut to the control arm. I ordered the link from Nappa for $30.

My question is, cuold this be my problem and if it is the strut mount what can I do to quiet it down? Any idea's. Also is it going to be hard to put this new link on? I have a 96 Deville


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Noises are tough to diagnose over the forum.

The noise could possibly be from a worn CV joint on one of the driveshafts for example, but if you see worn suspension parts the best course is to have a close look at this area and replace as needed.

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