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Motor Oil Myths and Facts


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It's been pretty quite here for a while... Perhaps, it's time to start another motor oil discussion. :D

check this out:


You mean, another oil war? (Running for cover) :lol:

Few things spark the debated like politics, religon and when to change your motor oil!

And not necessarily in that order... I hope for all of our Lexus lurkers they read the article about "Sludge!"

Link to Toyota's dirty little secret!


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Be careful on this site. I spotted at least 10 things that are either erroneous, or no longer true. One example, just because things have been a little slow lately, is the "required" 3000 mile oil changes for the Saturn with a chain tensioner powered by oil pressure. Guess what, the Northstar has the SAME arrangement, yet the oil can be changed by using the OLM. OK, maybe the design of the Northstar tensioner is better, but I wouldn't put a lot of stock in that.

Getting back to the 5W-30 vs. 10W-30 thing for Northstars built prior to 1999, don't forget that 10W-30 was chosen in large part due to the smaller amount of Viscosity Index Improver in the 10-30. The design of the engine AND the design of the oil's VII's were different back then. Polymer technology is much improved now and those issues may no longer be a problem. I sure wish bbob was still around.

As much as I hate to admit it, I'll still take the other motor oil site. Even though they have a lot of that 3000 mile bias still present, I think their factual material is better. After all, I've been kicked off of better sites!

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