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I know this topic was discussed before but i think mine is a little different. I tried to remote start my 94STS this evening after work. I came out thinking it was nice and warm, the car was not runnung. I got in, and the security light was on steady. I put the key in, and tried to start it, that's when i got the starter disabled wait 3-minutes. It took about 20-minutes to start the car, because everytime the dash said start car, i got the 3 minute message again. This also happened a couple of days ago. When it first happened i used the key, i did not try to remote start it. This time i tried to remote start it and the same thing happened again. Any ideas guys, i don't think it's the key. I had the alarm in for 1 1/2 years, with no problems

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When you say "the alarm", you also mean the remote start - right?

I would:

1. Check the alarm connections, but you probably already have, huh?

2. Disconnect the battery to default the sytem.

3. Ensure the battery connections were all good.

4. Sit in the car and observe the remote start?

Needless to say...any codes?

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