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Head gaskets

Ed Fenwick

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I just talked to the dealer about replacing the head gaskets on my '92 4.9! The service man said that if the head bolts have been striped then the engine can't be repaired!!! I haven't herd of this before, is it so that the engine is junk if the head bolts are bad? On the 4.6, they can be time certed. Why can't the 4.9 be repaired also?

Thanks Ed

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Ed, I am not sure why they make this statement as the manual clearly discusses thread repair details in Section 6A of my 1991 4.9 Service Manual.. Mike

If you get to a point of needing a new engine, let me know I can have one shipped to you, I have been involved in shipping two in the past

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Aloha Mike,

Maybe 'cause it is a lot of work, they don't want to do it. I don't think that the car is worth buying and shiping to Hawai'i! Thanks for the offer though.


When my 91 had 65K miles they wanted to do the #1 main bearing, at 91K miles they said it had too much mileage and refused to do the bearing.. I think they get to a point where the cost is too much given the age of the car.

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