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Coolant fan operation baselines observed


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Maybe these observations will be usefull or comforting to those concerned about what is "normal" engine cooling system operating temperatures in stop-and-go traffic conditions. I took these temperature measurements (at the OBD test connector using an adapter with software running on a laptop) simply for my own information.

Two cars were checked under the same conditions; vehicle in garage, engine at idle, A/C off, six fan cycles observed. Both engines are operating normally as designed.

'98 Seville at 133,xxx miles (Sep. 2004). Cooling system maintained according to recommended schedule including coolant supplement material. Water pump drive belt changed at 103,xxx miles (because it did not owe me a dime). When coolant temp. reaches 220 degrees, both radiator fans come on at low speed (motors in series); the fans shut off when the temp. cools to 214 degrees. I could not hear the fans at low speed; it was necessary to observe visually.

'04 Deville at 8,600 miles (Sep. 2005). Nothing has been done to this car other than adding the coolant supplement that was not factory installed. Fans come on low speed at 223 degrees and off at 212 degrees. Same comment on not hearing the fans.

The DIC temperature gauge needle did not move from the vertical position during these tests.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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