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I'd like to replace the worn shift lever in my 95' STS. These always seem worn, even in well cared for Caddys, in pre 96' models. However that lever is kind of an eye sore, and really doesn't match the rest of the interior. I'm curious if a 96' or later lever would fit, or if there are any third party options that might be more attractive. Also, how do I get the old one off? I asume you just pull up on it, but I don't want to break anything. Anyone done this before?



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If you mean just the knob. Only the right one will fit.

there is a hidden clip at the base, use an Ice pick type thing and pull it out. The knob will lift off. A whole new shifter is like 800 to 1000 bucks. Want one?

You can resore yours with leather dye.


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Bob at XMS has custom shift knob replacements and factory stock replacements.

Bob Extreme Motorsports x-m-s.com Toll Free (877) 490-4967 to place your order. VISA or MasterCard accepted


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