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spark plug gap


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Hey I have a 82 coupe deville fleetwood with the ht 4100 engine (I know, the bad engine) any way I changed the plugs and I think I have the wrong gap on the plugs. because it starts sometimes and when it runs it blows black smoke that smells like fuel and it ran great before I changed the plugs. Help somebody!!!! and yes the engine sticker is gone.

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According to the Champion Spark Plugs web site the info is as follows:

They show two choices for that year

1) V8 4.1L at .060


2) V6 4.1L at .080

They have different engines, a V6 4.1L 252 cid Carb engine VIN 4 and a V8 4.1L 250 cid FI N engine VIN 8 Good Luck, Mike

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