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Hello all,

I am back again, and it is because every time i have had a problem with the ole caddy, this forum has solved it for me, always, and usually I don’t even have to post.

Got in the caddy after it had been sitting for about an hour, turned the key, and all I got was a thunk.

Kind of like a dull metal to metal sound. I tried it several more times, and each time I turned the key : clunk, then nothing. clunk, then nothing. clunk, then nothing.

Well I remembered to back when I was a kid and my grandad’s old truck would do the same thing.

We would turn the flywheel a little, and it would then start.

I decided to give it a try. I was then surrounded by “instant mechanics” ( just add ‘open hood’ and you have instant mechanics).

Everybody was genuinely trying to help, so i did not mind, as it is more often the case that when one needs help, help can not be found.

Anyway, after i let them all hear the sound it made, they all decided that it was the solenoid that had gone bad.

I do not believe this is the case.

I went ahead and got the flywheel to turn a little by hand.

Then, two more tries with the key and it started.

When I got home I shut her down and then tried to start with the key about eight or ten times.

It started every time.

So my questions would be, do you guys also think I should suspect the solenoid?

Or do you think it was just a one time ‘fluke’ type of thing?

Maybe, the starter gear is worn?

I am not afraid to snatch the bolts out of the intake and pull the starter, but I don't want too, unless you guys think that I need to do some investigating.

In all honesty I don't know when, if ever the starter was replaced.

Anyone had a similar situation, and don't mind sharing the outcome?

1993 STS 215,000 miles.

I would like to thank you all for your help, if it was not for this site the old caddy would probably be living a new life as 'Honda parts', or 'bean cans' by now.


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If the battery was good but you hear nothing when you try to start it, or only the fuel pump and regular noises, that can be the PRNDL switch is bad. Anytime the car won't start, I would run the gear selector to drive then back to park and retry.

If you hear click click click often that means the battery is too weak to start the car, or you have a poor connection to the battery.

The other thing you are describing I think is early starter motor failure, where the starter motor has a dead spot or has lost teeth, but if you can rotate it a bit it can still start the car?


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Wow! That was fast!

I should have mentioned, the battery is good, as well as all the connections.

The sound was a ‘thunk’ or ‘clunk’ sound that occurred, once, each time I turned the key to the start position.

Not the click click click that is synonymous with a weak battery or corroded/loose connections.

I will however keep in mind what you said about the PRNDL switch for future reference, if i have a no start with no sound. Would not have thought of that.



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Also, did you notice light dim when starter cranks? If light dim very deep it means in general bad connection to the battery. If light not dims at all it looks like starter relay goes bad. I don't think PRND switch can be a problem, cause in that case you should not hear a click at all I guess.

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Well, today I went ahead and cleaned the connections at the battery and the two ground terminations just to be sure. Also felt along the wires for “fat spots” under the insulation didn't notice any. There was though, a good amount of shinny metal at each connection. Did not check the hot lead at the starter.

Have done considerable amount of driving last couple days with a lot of starting (before I cleaned connections), no more no-starts yet.

Did not notice the lights dimming when this happened, but was very bright outside.

Maybe I should add, when this happened the engine spun over quickly as it started. Don't know if it helps.

Weird though that it started after I turned it some by hand.

Oh well, I guess time will tell.

Much thanks to all,


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