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Hello my caddy friends!

Just thought I would let you know I am alive amd well. I have been working the 5:30pm to 3:30/5:30am shift at the Chrysler plant in Belvidere, Il. since late April,getting ready for The Big change-over shut down that starts in three weeks. Scheduled for eight weeks of 7/12's.

In my layman's lingo, we are replacing robotics that with proper programing and a minimal amount of carrier hardware adjustments, in conjunction with junking out 800,000 square feet of the plant and installing new conveyor systems, they will be able to produce 5 different models on demand at this plant.

I bought a strut sensor replacement and since its arrival the code has yet to go off again, and I don't have time anyhow. I keep getting the 56 tran sensor code but it doesn't seem to do anything except shift hard when I put it in reverse backing out of the garage.

One of the bright spots of this job is the 25 mile ride home on a beautiful (country) two lane blacktop. I see maybe four cars max. I usually just cruise home but probably once a week I WOT till she kicks out (120). This is a great car!You have to own (drive) one to know.

Hi to every that has helped me along the way!


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Car plants seem facinating to me. I think that flexible manufacturing is the way to go to allow the mfr's to make money on smaller production runs of specific models though. That way we can have cars that are more fun and they don't have to sell 300k + of them to make a profit.

High speed driving home in the dark? be careful out there. Lions and tigers and bears might jump out in your path.


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Kent, that sounds like an interesting job. Good Luck.

Sounds like you are enjoying your car also. You replaced a strut sensor, do you mean the level control? 120? Wowie! Hope to see you soon, Mike

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Hi Ranger! No matter what your vehicle preference, most people acknowledge the attractiveness of the style of this series of Eldos and Seviles.

Scotty, the code is SO60 and it is called a position sensor. The replacement is nothing like the original and the kit includes a template sheet for drilling new holes into the frame.

I'm going to stick to daytime maxouts after thinking about your statement. Thanks Bruce. Pretty expensive to do anyhow, lately.

I've put about 18,000 miles on the Eldo since I bought it (110,00miles now)

and I think the motor gets stronger everytime I drive it.


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