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Trying to find out what size stabilizer bar, (Toss up between 19 and 21MM) I got into the Service Parts Identification sticker located in the trunk back side of the tire over lid.

I decoded a lot of things with the manual and learned a lot about my car I did not know.

Also there were a lot of codes that were not in the factory manual.

I wonder where we can find like a complete de coding source.

It's very very interesting to check this stuff out.

Recently I wondered what type suspension I had on my car as I was getting new shocks and struts and wanted the same ride I have, The answer was there, under code FE1 = SOFT RIDE.

Also I learn I have variable effort steering,m sport package interior, trim levels and so on. It's a fun thing to do when you are bored.

Check yours out if ya can!

Mike C

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If, for some reason, your service parts identification label is missing like mine, your dealer can print out all the same information from GM's computer. All he needs is the VIN.


Happiness is owning a Cadillac with no codes.

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Mike, I plan on using those POLY stabilizer bar bushings also and what I plan on doing is using this digital caliper to measure my bars, it is both metric and SAE. I have tested it with both metric and SAE wrenches and its accurate, its also CHEAP enough... Mike


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