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Cadillac's in the movies..

Bob D

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For those of you that get HBO, look out for a special on the making of a new movie called “The Island.” It’s some futuristic SFI Fi story about cloning humans. The director was interviewed, and said that through some connections at GM he was able to select the Cadillac Cien for the main vehicle in the movie. There’s some great shots of it doing all kinds of high performance driving. The director said that out of all the concept cars, prototypes and production cars he could have chosen, the Cien was by far his favorite, and first choice. Lucky guy… ;)

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

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Yep, I noticed that too!

They are only very quick shots, but enough for Cadillac junkies like us to pick up on the car!

The other thing is that the movie was filmed in Downtown Detroit, which is posing for LA in the future. Anyone from around here, or that knows Detroit well can see 'the people mover'...a public transit tram that runs around the city above the streets on a cemet-towered track. I picked up on that right away as soon as I saw the preview!

Maybe there is a connection with that guy having connections with GM being in Detroit, and then filming in Motown.

" ...'took my Cobra down t' the track, hitched to the back o' my Cadillac..."

- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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