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Appreciating not Depreciating

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Just for reference, according to www.edmunds.com, the first-year depreciation of a 2006 CTS 3.6L w/the average options people often buy is $849/month; add in Finance charges, and cost of ownership hits $1,052/month.

So regardless of what payments you would want to make when buying a new car each year, or how much you put down, the COST to the owner is $849+/month vs a paid-for used car. Keep that in mind when you are feeling bad you have to spend $900 or $1,800 ONE month to keep your 80K mile car in AC repairs -- you could be spending that every month. It's not "just" the car payments of $400-500-600; the real cost for a new car is how the value changes, IF you resell the car.

Still loving my 2005 CTS, but driving a car you enjoy for many years seems to me to be the smart & economic approach. Some days having a third car for when your Caddy is in the shop can sure help though. Especially if it's another fun to drive Caddy.



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Those sure are good figures Bruce, and reason why I can't bring myself to buy new even considering the "You pay what we pay" schpeal. Plus I have 6 cars and 2 drivers, and one more on the insurance? Last time I bought new was 1996 and that vehicle only has 60K on it. I can't drive 6 at once, one has to sit and all summer the one I drive has to pull a boat eh?

But man Am I jeleous of your CTS! I'd love to have one just to dick with Mustangs he he! But things been good good with the wife since the kids moved out, we might draw fists over a new CTS LOL

But when I am doing repairs, I AM TEMPTED! And when I do these 800 mile one way trips I AM TEMPTED. But I always seem top make a round trip thanks to the board! Getting ready for one now.

Good info, a LOT of people don't calculate the costs after the sale, tags, insurance, maint, depreciation, and all the goodies we buy to personalize. (That bill for me is gigantic!)

My 95 looks new, after I do all these repairs, I'm putting in new leather and no one will know the difference! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this body style!

But, I still have to worry about what quirp will creap up next and need fixing. Something YOU won't have to worry about unless you go to midnight auto and get your cool grille back! LOL

Mike C

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