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Motortrend BMW 545 vs STS V8

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Old now, but the Aug04 comparison test online at Motor Trend here:


and I wanted to capture comparison data for reference.

2006 STS w/320 hp NS V8

0-60 6.0s

0-70 7.7s

0-100 15.8s

Quartermile: 14.2s @ 97.5 mph

Handling: 0.82g on 200ft skidpad; 64.4 mph slalom

The BMW did 5.4s 0-60, 13.7s quarter, .87g skidpad.

Overall they thought, to paraphrase, "well, if you want a BMW you won't shop for an STS, but at least the STS is nice".

As tested the STS V8 was $63K.

The current CTS 3.6L V6 can hit 6.4s-6.6s 0-60 mph, and


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