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Deville intakes 2001-2004

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I see Lund is selling some 2001-2004 Deville air intakes by Volant:


Nice that it is a cold air system. I have not seen any data on actual hp/torque effect.


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You'd be better off putting the money in the gas tank. The increase in hp and torque is in the upper rpm band. The downside is that it decreases hp and torque in the lower rpm band, the engine speed that needs improvment as far as it relates to performance.

Increased mileage? That's false advertising! An increase in air flow decreases mileage. In other words, you have a slower car, using more gas. If this did work, why doesn't Cadillac use the "free power" as standard equipment?

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I too am rather skeptical... In the picture they didn’t even bolted on into a car... It looks like it might fit... And it looks like it might not fit too!

I thought it was pretty much agreed by all that power gains on the N* require upgrades to the exhaust first... The intake side is already delivering more than enough air... with the stock system and a paper element.


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