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I picked up my new caddy today..


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picked up my new (to me) 97 eldorado today..

boy, it is really nice..

I cruised all the way home , about 200 miles between 70-80 mph, and i averaged right at 20mpg.

I cruised for about one mile at 110mph, and it was quite nice.

the only thing that I cannot figure out, is how to remove the cassette deck

from the 12 stack cd player in the trunk..

as I understand it, you should just open the door on it, and it should come out.., but it does not.

it has 2 cd's in there and they play ok..

anyone have a trick for getting this thing out ?




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Congrats. Glad you were able to find the car you wanted.

Good idea to change the fluids now (oil, coolant) unless you know the previous maintainance.


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Danbuc states that there's an eject button, but mine does not have that. Danbuc, is yours the 12-disc changer mounted in the trunk? If so, I might have just learned that mine does have an eject button. :)

As far as I know, there's no eject button, and there's a microswitch on the door...and as you slide open the door, the changer will return any playing CD to the magazine and eject the magazine.

Mine didn't come with this changer, and I bought mine from eBay. The magazine was stuck in the changer. I partially disassembled the changer and found a stuck CD in there.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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