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Engine Mounts for 97 STS


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I have a 97 STS and I can see that the two "dog bone" looking mounts on the top of the engine have worn out. The rubber bushings are broken and pieces are missing. I do not know what the lower mounts look like, but I am assuming that they look the same.

Has anyone done this before? Is it a driveway repair or should I take it some where? I am pretty good with a wrench, but if it invloves more that a couple of wrenches and a floor jack I might have to think twice. The top mounts look easy to replace as long as I do them one at a time. I don't know about the lower mounts.

Any suggestions? Part numbers? Do you purchase them as a set? Are there better mounts than what came stock?



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I've doen the lower mount on my 1998 STS....twice. I think it's pretty similar to your lower mount, maybe just a little bit different. It only take me abotu two hours to change mine, but that's using a two post lift, air gun, and three T-stands. I pull four of the six bolts that hold the lower cradle to the car, and then drop the front of it down to expose the mount. If you can do that, it will make it much easier to remove and change, but it will require alot of room. Perhaps someone that has done it on a 1997 can chime in here.

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