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coolant leak through engine


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I need advice please.

My car has been leaking coolant for months. Now it is very bad with grey smoke coming out the back exhaust pipes.

To fix the engine(rebuild) I ve been quoted(from a independent shop,highly recomended) $4,500 cad(3,200usd).

My car is a 1997 deville concours with 169k miles.

My question is , if I have the engine fixed, have I damaged the exhaust/cat/various sensors as the coolant has been leaking into the engine and traveling through the exhaust system ? (I've stopped driving it because it overheats).

Would I then after fixing the car, have numerous "other" problems brought about by the coolant running through???

Maybe I should just put the money towards another ?

Your advice is appreciated.


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Just one thing, I may be wrong but $3,200 sounds high. Anyone? If that is what it costs given that you have 169,000 miles it may be best to put it into another car IMHO, Mike

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If the shop is actually rebuilding the engine, $3,200 is a very good price.

If they are only replacing the head gaskets, it's a little high.

I reworked my '97 Deville engine with all new gaskets, all new seals and engine mounts and also replaced the filters seals and two main case gaskets on the transmission for $2,500 in parts.

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