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Upgrading/Changing Radios - 1997 Eldorado ETC


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Hello Cadillac Geeks, Gurus, Techies, and Fans! I am in search of some assistance and information. The radio in my 1997 Cadillac Eldorado ETC is model UT0 (1997 Bose AM/FM Cassette w/CD Changer Controls - NO DSP (Digital Signal Processing). I would like to change out my unit with model UP2, GM Part #16249916 (1997 Bose AM/FM Cassette w/CD Changer Controls WITH DSP). Will it interchange with my radio? I understand that the replacement unit would have to be programmed to my VIN via a Tech II Scanner for it function, but I have received conflicting information from several sources specializing in GM audio equipment.

The responses I have received are as a follows:

1. I would have to completely rewire the vechicle. :blink:

2. The replacement radio would have to be the same part number as the radio that came with the car from the factory. :huh:

3. They are 95% sure that the UP2 unit can be installed in place of the UT0 unit. :huh:

The above answers came from the following:

A Cadillac Dealer

One of the biggest names in repair of Delco radios and instrument clusters.

A independent Delco radio repair shop

Can someone out there shed some light on this subject? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!



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I had the 'with DSP' on my 96 STS. The DSP (digital signal processor) in my experience only provided mixer type adjustments, so that a talk radio station sounds optimized for talk, country & western for C&W, etc. Was interesting to play with, but I did not find it had much re-use value after I tried it out.

I also agree it should just plug and play over an equivalent non-DSP unit.


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In answer to my own question after some lengthy research, I found Technical Service Bulletin No.: 68-96-O1A, Date: October, 1996. This TSB has all the GM car line audio charts for 1997.

According to the TSB chart for Cadillac, it is possible to replace the Bose unit without DSP with the Bose unit with DSP in the Eldorado. BUT the Radio Interface Module (RIM) must be replaced also.

Now the question is, if you must replace the RIM why couldn't a 1998 RIM be installed allowing the 1998 CD/Cassette/RDS Bose Receiver to be installed?

Just some food for thought...


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