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2006 DTS Test Drive


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Greetings Cadillac fans! I was fortunate enough to be able to test drive a fresh off the truck 2006 DTS!!! :D This car isn't your Grandpa's or even your Father's Cadillac. The fit and finish on this vehicle was excellent. Front seats were comfortable (heated/cooled). If you can't find a comfortable position in these seats, you might as well bolt in your Lazy-Boy. The new analog/digital instrument cluster is easy on the eyes and informative at a glance. The radio controls and climate control are easy to operate and well illuminated. It has to be one of the quietest Cadillacs yet! My only complaints with the interior of the unit I drove was that the sunroof compromised too much headroom (what's new) and the controls for seats (heat/cooling) and the steering mounted controls are going to be too small for many drivers. Don't tell my wife I said this :o but, she would never be able to figure out the buttons. (She still doensn't have the radio figured out on out our 1998 Deville :blink: ) I love the new exterior but in my personal opinion, the Cadillac crest and wreath are just too big and are out of proportion with the car. Overall performace was excellent except for the typical front-wheel drive torque-steer, but is reduced from previous year models. It is a fine piece of american automotive technology. As nice as it is I'll have to wait until I can get one on the used market. :( My only consolation is that a used Cadillac is still better than most new cars out there today.


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This car seems like a good placeholder til the DTS gets redesigned. Hopefully they will keep the DTS as a maxi-midsize car, with plenty of rear leg room in the future also.


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