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I have a 95 Deville. The ServiceRide Control has been on for a long time now. I can hear the pump or whatever it is called kick on but nothing happens. I just continue to get the src message. But when I check codes all I get is :







Why would SRC message come up on display but not show up as a code? please help


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try resetting the codes, then if the light comes on, see what codes come up. Is the src light on all the time, or does it come on and go out??

Matt B)

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Code PO52 is a computer memory reset code. Can happen with a battery disconnect or bad battery cable.

IO39...on a '95? I thought that system was gone by then. IO39 is a ride control error issue. This is simply a signal code. What you have to do now is flash the codes AT the specfic ride control module.

The ride control module has a LED error driver. It will flash the error code.

My guess....bad strut electronics...

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My Deville acted the same just recently, and it turned out that when they did my brakes they unhooked the cables of the ride control sensors on both sides in the rear. Easy thing to fix. Additionally, I don't think it would be your compressor (for the raising and lowering) because mine went out and no lights came on to inform me of the malfunction, I had to diagnose it myself.

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Oh here we go again!

I just replaced my Shocks and struts on a 95 SLS & a 96 Eldorado.

No codes on either before instalation. But, I did find something that seems to resemble what you discribe. Using the Arnott web site brought me to look for this.

I had a compressor run too much. Well, When I lay under it and look up you will see where the two hoses come in. They both rn into a clip and then clip onto the air compressor. My clip was not "Clipped" onto the air compressor, I was getting air to the shocks, (not enough) but it would only auidible leak sometimes and only sometimes would the air compressor run on too long. So I did not really need new shocks (Anyone want my old 96ers? still good no codes) All I did was push the conector on until it clipped and wha la! No more run on, Perfect height and no leaking sounds! Arnott suggests you replace the air dryer after you have a problem like this because it will become full and no longer dry the air thus letting moisture enter the shocks and Whala! you will need new shocks too soon.

In my Car, I could tell that someone was fooling sround that did not know what they were doing, they pulled an air line making the clip come off. They added a union to the line (Dead give away)

If you lay under the car, feet to the rear, the compressor is on the pass side the lines and clip come in at about 10 oclock I reached over the axle to plug it back up but had to re align the hoses as one was plled short in teh plug, I made it even with the other one and plugged it in right.


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