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Need help finding part


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I am looking for the chrome piece that fits along to top of the bumper on the drivers-side REAR bumper. It is a partial piece that fits into the molding that continues across the rear bumper. The automatic car wash cracked it a bit, and now a large chunck of it has fallen off and looks terrible. I know I can get this at the dealer, but would prefer an online salvage yard. I tried car-parts.com with no luck...ANY SUGGESTIONS for an online search??

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Was it an automatic carwash?

If so you can get them to pay for it!

I know they say they won't but tell them you will get legal advice, an watch them pay it!

Big Jay

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Try Cadillac Only, a Cadillac wrecking yard in Southern California. They have a huge inventory of Cadillac parts and will probably have what you are looking for. I know they take telephone orders and ship parts all over the country.

Call them at (818) 772-0707


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You might try these guys - I've used them, but they weren't cheap....


They were fast and curteous when I bought a trunk mounted radio from them. I didn't think the flat $100 for a tested and 3 month guaranteed unit was too bad a price.

But I digressed.

Isn't that "chrome piece" adhesively applied to the rear fascia? If so, wouldn't purchasing from a recycler be impractical? Set me straight?



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