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Codes 4 OBD II


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Where do we find a code list for OBD II that has these PZ codes?

The old searchables, is OOO Out OF Order, The new only came up with 2 related items on an entire search.

I had a bad alt, I replaced it and went on a code search and get a PZ1558.

I know it has something to do with the alt, but what is this code? It's current. So it worries me. The Alt works fine, volts back up and all.

It may go away after a ride eh? Maybe the old mis communication deal eh?

Duralast ALt AUTOZONE! Yea yea yea! But it was free! and free for life!

Mike C

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Yea, I think so also, but still, no place to actually see what it is short of some factory source. It went away after a re set. So I guess no worry. But the autozone OX sensor still is on the blink. Reading "slow"


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Ahh, Autozone. Perhaps you have head me say it before but I'll say it again. I read somewhere that a mechanic or garage owner/operator said "Only buy dumb parts (oil, filters, coolant, etc) from Autozone, they are cheap for a reason". That may be your problem. Perhaps a Delco O2 sensor will solve the problem. Just a thought.

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