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Can this make my dream come true??


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Ok. I have never quit searching for a way to Supercharge my '98 STS. And I'm sure there are plenty other. Has anyone heard of this??


It's an electric supercharger. Capable of 5 psi. Which is perfect. But, again. Would the computer issue still be a problem?? I won't give up dang it!!!!

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Speedyman 2,

A couple fundamental problems.

1. Like the article stated, their electric turbo has only enough capacity to boost a 2-liter or so engine to maybe 8-10 psi for a limited time before the batteries (3-4 in the trunk) are discharged. Even if it would process the extra air properly, your NorthStar is about twice too large to get a significant benefit.

2. The problem is not in the supercharger, turbo or nitrous. As you surmised, the "problem" remains in the NorthStar engine's excellent computer control. GM supercharged a special 4.4 liter NorthStar for the STS, but it is simply NOT adaptable for ANY other vehicle.

It might be cheaper and much more reliable to get a new Supercharged STS than to waste money with anything else.

Mark's 99STS is running some fine times. Why not look into what he has done?

Good Luck :)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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