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01 DeVille Eats Tires


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2 Sets of tires, first were Goodyear Eagle LS and the Current are Dunlap Sport A2

While the treadwear on the Eagles was good they became cupped on the insides. They had about 50,00 miles. The Dunlaps have about 35,000 and have the same problem. I travel at highway speeds about 750 miles a week. I keep them properly inflated (33-34psi), I have them rotated about every 7000 miles. There is no pulling or tire rumble until a rotation and the Goodyear Store told me the insides of the tires are chewed up.

I had the dealer do the alignment and here's the out of spec numbers

Front Rt Toe .23 the ranges id .00 - .20, they adjusted it to .08

Rear Right Toe was -.09 range is .00-.20, they ajusted it to .06

Are the numbers above enough to destroy my tires?

The Tech at Cadillac said any tire with an agressive tread is not good for this car, gee thanks.

Right now I drive a real clean 01 Deville DTS with every option Cadillac offered, black on black, 111,000 miles and it feels and sounds like I have square tires.

It wasn't a gradual thing either about 500 miles all this noise started.

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Any misalignment has to be considered when tires wear funny. Goodyear Eagle LS tires do not have "aggressive tread" as the dealer stated (although the Dunlop Sport A2s might). Either way, the aggressive tread didn't cause itself to wear funny -- it's the car.

Sounds like you got everything back into alignment. I'd monitor the tire wear closely (check it every week) to see if anything comes back, but I'd say you're good to go now. But I'm not clear -- after the alignment -- are your tires still riding or wearing funny, or is it smooth again?

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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It sounds to me like you have a mechanical problem is this happening to every tire on the car? Or just one or two? If this was common we would have heard this before. Bad struts will cause this, and the tire bounces up and down.

I would have Cadillac or a good tire shop perform a road force balance it sounds to me like you have an out of round or suspension issue creating an elliptical orbit of the wheel, creating an up and down motion. THIS IS NOT NORMAL...

Do a search under road force balance there is a lot of information on it, it is performed on a GSP 9700 tire machine made by Hunter, pay attention to posts by JohnnyG

Is the cupping only in one area of the tire? Or is your cupping down the center and all the way around? Do you have any other symptoms, shimmy, vibration, pull, etc?


I found this:

Having retired from one of the major rubber companies, I have seen cupping numerous times. In almost all cases it was related to a "mechanical" problem. By that I mean, (in order of relevance) wheel balance, shocks/struts,proper rotation,and tire inflation (55# should be OK). I believe you stated you had approximately 15K on your truck..how many times have you had the tires rotated?

If you really think about tire wear in it's simplest form...road contact is what wears out our tires..so, that being said, "a tire will wear, accordingly to the road contact it makes"..so, if you have "cupping" then the tire is literally "bouncing" down the road..creating high/low spots (cupping).

I would think, that if it were a balance problem..you would have felt the disturbance in the steering wheel (front tire) or the seat (rear tires).

Unfortunately, if your cupping is bad..you can correct the cause..but the tire will continue to cup..the only thing you can do would be to have the tires trued..which I don't like..they actually shave tread depth off your tire to eliminate the cupping high/low spots.

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The cupping is on the inside all the way around and consistent on every tire. There is no shimmy no pulling. I have researched tiresd and eventually will probably go with the continentail ContiPremire Contact tire. I have 112,000 miles on the car do you think I need strusts/shocks? The dealer says they don't go bad. If I need to replace them any brand better the others?

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DO you have a warranty? If you DO that is why the DEALER is saying they don't go bad, they DO go bad! That's a laugh! All of a sudden you will need struts when you warranty runs out!

Mine were bad at 46,000 miles, at 112,000 miles the chances are good that your struts are sub-par. With a 2001 I might be tempted to replace them with OEM, but Boston, Arnot and Strutmaster struts have been used on this board, if you search you will find a lot of information on them.

See this link and read about cupping:


If I were you I would have a Road Force Balance done, if you have struts that are beginning to go or shot over a short range of motion the Road Force balance will help to eliminate the up and down motion by the tire itself. Are those the original tires? Have all components checked closely.

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hey thanks Scotty! The 100k Cert ran out a few months ago but this dealer has systematically replaced everything on the car. 4 rotors & rear brakes, power steering pump, pistons rings and wrist pins at 55k, wiper motors, both front D/P side windows, windsheild, l/r wheel bearings all the steering wheel controls, the driver door controls, heated seat element, lumbar switches. I mean thay have been incredible, unbelieveable.

The service advisor knows me by my voice on the phone!

I really trust them, I of course am not afraid to spend the money to do all of the scheduled maintence, absolutley everything has been done by this dealer. While I may have spent more money than I need to at least I can sleep at night knowing my baby is in top form.

I am think in going ahead and getting the struts done that way they can check out the entire front end, then buying tires. I am goinng to give him a call Monday and see when we did the front wheel bearings and quiz him on the struts issue.

Here is what i am going to do, 1. Take it to the dealer and ahve the entire front end checked out in detail, 2. If all the harware is good (tie rods, etc.) I will have them give me a estimate on shocks and stuts. 3. Get the new tires.

What about Monroe Struts?

No these are the second set of tires since 27k, the Eagle LS were before these and had about 50 before they became cupped, these are cupped at 35k or so. You know what, I replaced the rims somewhere around the 87k mark ( for various reaons including a pot hole in Chicago) Hmmmm... :blink:

You what else, the service tech that did the alignment said the cupping comes from the rear tires!

You can take a look at my car at http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2071139

~for every vision there is an equal and opposite revision~
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I am thrilled to hear that your experience with the dealer is good. You should ask your dealer about the struts, I am not sure if they have an aftermarket solution. Assuming that is that you are going to have the dealer do the work.. Glad to hear that you are taking care of your car!


By the way if the cupping is coming from the back, I would have the rear struts and alignment checked along with the knuckles...

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