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1996 Deville ** Pristine Condition ** FOR SALE

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Gas prices are at $3 by me now, the Caddy has got to go. It is in awesome condition, it is a "cream" color. I am asking $8000 OBO. I encourage anyone who is interested in this beautiful Cadillac to contact me via email:


For more pictures of the interior and exterior please check out my CarDomain site:

Cream Caddy Web Site


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Sharp car - nicely done. But if you like the car and are happy with it you might want to recheck your math on the potential gas savings. If you average 15 mpg now in the city you would have to go to some sort of much smaller 4 cyl veh to average say 22 mpg in the city. At seven mpg better and $3.00 a gallon if you drive 15,000 miles a year you would be saving about 220 gallons of gas or $660 bucks a year. On the hwy your car probably gets 25-28 mpg, maybe even a little better. A small 4 cyl might get 35-40 mpg.

My theory is that you could probably save half that much in gas money just by easing up on the accelrator AND you could still keep an awsome ride.

A little off topic- but a lot of folks are talking now about selling bigger cars because of the higher gas prices and the math just does not always work out especially if you end up paying more for your new ride.

Good luck with what ever you end up doing.

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I realize that it doesn't make a HUGE difference, but driving a large size sedan with a V8 sure does take a bigger hit to my pocket than a Honda Accord (4 cyl). I am in college and I need all the money I can save, people always look at me and think I'm rich, and it's hard convincing them that I'm not, with all that chrome. I want someone else to enjoy this beauty as much as I have :D

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