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CAPA 3.6L Supercharger development

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[note: this is the same 3.6L DOHV VVT engine in the

current V6 Cadillacs]


The new Holden V6 Supercharger kit features Vortech's V-2

Supercharger mounted below the engine covers for a stealth

appearance. The kit is in its final stages of development

and will be available for shipping very soon. Prices have not

been set yet, but we're hoping to bring the kit to market

in the high $4,000 range. This kit is non-intercooled and

comes with everything required. A great amount of testing

has been done with exhausts and extractors and exhaust

products will also be available very soon, including extractors,

high flow cats and cat back exhausts. This V6 configuration

is the way of the future making an easy 300kW. We will

continue to develop an intercooler kit and do further engine

developments. Our ambition is to make 1000hp out of this

type of engine for our next wow project. Interest for this

kit can be registered now

exchange rates: http://www.x-rates.com/d/USD/table.html

Target Aus$4000=US$3075.

1 kilowatt = 1.34102209 HP

223 kW = 299 hp on their current dyno.

(300 kW target = 400 hp target)


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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