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Autoweek take on the 06 DTS

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Autoweek drives the 2006 DTS:


No one will mistake a DTS for a sports sedan, even with the performance option package (it gives you the higher power V8, magnetic ride control suspension and 18-inch wheels rather than the standard 17s), but we did hustle it down some twisting two-lanes. It didn’t embarrass itself. In extremis, the magnetic ride control system stepped in quickly to halt incipient wallow, but even in the softer luxury-trim models with standard shock absorbers, there’s nothing left of Ye Olde Detroit bob-and-weave beyond the merest trace. Just when you think “uh-oh, here it comes,” absolutely nothing untoward happens. Instead, the DTS gathers up its skirts and away you go. For Infiniti and Lexus shoppers, imagine an I35 or ES 350, only with a V8 and serious rear legroom.


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Looks great! In addition to offering the fwd version I just don't understand why GM couldn't throw the body onto the new STS frame with 5 speed tranny rwd or awd and updated Northstar. The awd version should be the limited high end version with all the options of the new STS.

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