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Anyone notice a Caddy Hearse's reworked hood?


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Today I was at the funeral of a distant relation and while outside the church (smoke break), I took the time to scope out the Caddy Hearse that was tied up and anchored by the sidewalk. The driver - a rather bored looking individual - came over to see what was up and we had a good chat about the wheels. It was a 2005 model Deville, heavily modified to acommodate the travels of those who have just shed their mortal coils,,,,

Turned out the car was only 2 weeks old with less than 600 miles on the clock. "Clean" is not the right word for how it looked. One thing that jumped out at me was the hoodline of the Hearse. There was an older Caddy docked behind it (2003 model) so we had the basis for a good comparison. The hood on the new Caddy had a pronounced "powerbulge", certainly more agressive than the 2003. It raised the hood profile by at least a couple of inches. With this increased elevation, the chrome piece that runs along the top of the grill was also inflated by around 2 full inches. While subtle - I'd never have noticed it if there hadn't been another, older model right behind it - it sure perked up the image of the Deville. Definitely gave the car more substance and a commanding look about it.

I would imagine you could get these hoods from some custom shop, just never noticed them before. Maybe they are only available for hearses, but I don't see why they wouldn't fit any other late model Caddy. There were no other modifications to the front end. Just the hood and the grille.

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